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“Pick out associates whose behaviour is better than yours and you’ll drift in that direction.”

Warren Buffett
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Trading Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
The Visionary Future of Investing

Why Tavistock Wealth?

Creating wealth isn’t easy. If it were, all clients would be millionaires.  

Knowing how to tend your client investment gives it the best chance to grow – but we all know that doesn’t happen overnight. We’ve had our finger on the ETF pulse for over five years, and manage more than £1Bn on behalf of our clients. 

We manage client assets via our ACUMEN Portfolio range (UCITS Compliant OEICs). Each ACUMEN Portfolio contains dozens of ETFs, giving exposure to thousands of underlying securities. We can trade daily, based on how the individual ETFs perform and manage our ACUMEN Portfolios within defined risk parameters to match those you set with your clients.

The aim is for our ACUMEN Portfolios to grow into a sturdy and lasting shelter from the toughest of storms and help clients drift towards a better place.


ETFs. Low Cost. Diversified. Daily Liquidity.
Providing efficient access to a globally diversified portfolio.

Latest News:

Rise of the Underdog

Rise of the Underdog

In its latest economic outlook, the OECD increased its expectations for global GDP. For 2020, the improvement is minimal, reflecting an upward revision, in real GDP, from -4.5% to -4.2%. But beyond that, growing economic momentum should boost global growth to pre-pandemic levels, estimated at 4.2% in 2021 and 3.7% in 2022.

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Anatomy of an Election (So far…)

Anatomy of an Election (So far…)

The narrative, heading into the US election, was a ‘Blue Wave’ victory for the Democrats. Polls and betting odds favoured a Biden win and a Senate majority and investors positioned accordingly.

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Ben Raven

quoted in Portfolio Adviser 06/04/20

“Strategies which enable clients to participate in the financial markets by investing in a globally diversified mix of equities, bonds, commodities and property,” said Ben Raven, director of Tavistock Investments. “This should be done in a liquid and highly regulated, Ucits-compliant fund structure with no minimum term or complicated fees, such as upfront fee, performance fee, or redemption penalties.

“It should also provide clients with a level of capital protection, ideally underwritten by a global investment bank. The level of risk being taken is also key and a strategy with some form of volatility control could be of great benefit.”

Portfolio Adviser – 06/04/20

Protect your clients and business
with currency hedged portfolios and institutional quality risk management

Ensure your recommendations are aligned
with your client’s attitude to risk (ATR) profile

Tavistock Wealth proposition provides
an enhanced offering for your clients and
an increased valuation for your business

benefits of working with TWL:


Security that all investment recommendations remain aligned with your client’s ATR profile, providing a safety net to your business and helping reduce the risk of future client complaints


Portfolios that are hedged against currency fluctuations, sheltering your clients from inappropriate levels of volatility and preventing any detrimental impact on their portfolio returns.


Sophisticated risk management software providing your clients with access to institutional quality risk management.


Target top quartile performance, whilst only ever subjecting clients to the appropriate level of risk. Providing your clients with stable risk and stable returns whilst avoiding any nasty surprises.


Complete portfolio service removing administration, compliance and investment management burdens. Designed to lower your costs and increase your profits. 


All of the above with your name above the door. Take advantage of our white-labelled model portfolio service and transform your business into a modern-day wealth manager.

With Visionary Thinking – We began trading ETFs over five years ago. See our track record here.

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